Adam F Lopez

Senior Software Engineer,
Full Stack Developer, Web Developer


  • As a Senior Software Engineer, I bring a wealth of expertise in solving complex business problems through a diverse range of methodologies.
  • My focus on product-centered development enables me to create easily understandable and reusable code components, streamlining the development process and ensuring long-term maintainability.
  • I excel in analyzing, documenting, and implementing functional enhancements to features and projects, leveraging the latest software technologies to stay at the forefront of innovation.
  • With a strong emphasis on user experience, I continuously seek ways to optimize and enhance interactions with the application/site, ultimately increasing user engagement and satisfaction.
  • My proficiency extends to crafting comprehensive coding tests, meticulously validating methods and classes to ensure a seamless transition of features to the production environment.
  • As a subject matter expert in front-end development, I possess an in-depth understanding of technical concepts, enabling me to drive architectural decisions and provide valuable insights to the Agile team.
  • My solid background in this field empowers me to deliver high-quality, robust solutions and facilitate code reviews, fostering a culture of technical excellence within the organization.
  • I am dedicated to pushing the boundaries of software engineering, consistently delivering innovative, reliable, and user-centric solutions that positively impact both the company and its valued customers.


Web Development

Worked with large and small organizations that followed standard Agile methodologies while developing Web Applications on both the front-end and the back-end. Allowing me to perform as a Full-Stack Developer.

Increase Engagement

When visitors visit on your site and interact with content, we have the ability to define maximum engagement and how to boost this is critical website factor to earn more leads and revenue

Perceptive Technology

Seek to eliminate as many commercial and logistical intermediaries as possible to save resources and increase engagement with the end customer/client.


  • SDLC
  • Laravel | 7 - 9
  • ReactJS | 16 - 18
  • Angular | 8 - 9
  • Typescript | 4.8
  • NodeJS | 16 - 18
  • Docker | 4.12
  • GraphQL | 16.6
  • MySql | 8.0
  • PHP | 7.4 - 8.1
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • | 10.6
  • Karma | 1.7.1
  • VueJS | 3.2
  • SEO Best Practices
  • UI/UX Design Patterns
  • PHPUnit
  • Git
  • Javascript
  • Linux
  • Cloudflare
  • AWS
  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • HTML | 5
  • CSS | 3
  • Bootstrap
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • AGILE Methods
  • Communication Skills
  • Twig for Template


Full Stack Developer

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies

October 2022 - Present

  • Played a pivotal role in designing and implementing enhanced security features to safeguard the application from potential threats, ensuring robust protection akin to established frameworks like Laravel.
  • Served as a crucial member of the Agile team, focusing on the development of core application functionalities, API integrations, and database optimizations.
  • Managed end-to-end software development tasks, integrating a combination of PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and other modern web technologies to create scalable and maintainable solutions.
  • Optimized application codebase to deliver consistent performance, enhancing responsiveness and ensuring seamless user experiences across various devices.
  • Engaged in the refinement and expansion of the application's backend, developing modules, middleware, and service providers, drawing inspiration from frameworks like Laravel.
  • Expertise in a wide array of web development technologies, including PHP & PHP frameworks , ORM systems, and various frontend technologies such as Angular and React.
  • Engaged actively in planning sessions, assessing the feasibility of proposed features, and devising efficient implementation strategies in line with the team's objectives.
  • Designed and developed scalable software architecture using best practices within the PHP ecosystem and adhering to the principles of clean code.
  • Facilitated code reviews, ensuring that the team maintained a high standard of code quality and followed the best practices set for the custom framework.
  • Integrated Docker into the development cycle, enhancing the consistency of the development and deployment processes.
  • Empowered the admin dashboard's functionalities and user experience, utilizing tools like Twig for templating and Angular for dynamic interfaces.
  • Utilized Ansible for automation, ensuring streamlined deployment processes and efficient infrastructure management.
  • Adopted Gulp to automate routine tasks, fostering a more efficient and productive development workflow.

Full Stack Developer I


October 2021 - July 2022

  • Key player on Agile development team architecting solutions for complex business problems.
  • Built and enhanced current single page applications and components to interact with RESTful APIs enhancing and interacting with a CI/CD pipeline.
  • Implemented features and fixed bugs through iterative deployment.
  • Developed maintainable and reusable code using OOP methodologies.
  • Practiced Test Driven Development, utilizing CI/CD pipelines using Jasmine and Cypress.
  • Enhanced REST API to support front end Angular and Vue applications.
  • Identified ways to enhance the user experience through iterative implementation.
  • Supported multiple enterprise websites and applications with latest versioning.
  • Became subject matter expert on front end development by continuing to enhance the dashboard for brokers and agents.
  • Increased speed of tests by improving PHPUnit on the backend and Jasmine and Cypress tests on the front end.
  • Assisted in creation of new dashboard elements using AngularJS v9.

Software Developer


June 2020 - September 2021

  • Utilized SSH and VPN to access files remotely, enhancing current website experience to a more updated feel.
  • Performed Git functions for migration & deployments within a QA environment before releasing to Production.
  • Created faster performing Wordpress sites and plugins based on a legacy design.
  • Collaborated with multiple digital teams for the development of landing pages.
  • Configured user-specific roles to display protected assets only when signed in.
  • Performed three major application style upgrades in a five month period.
  • Enhanced user experience and page load speeds by over 40%.
  • Increased SEO value on multiple projects with correctly configured pages.

Software Engineer & Administrator

Ideal Image

June 2017 - March 2020

  • Maintained paid and organic WordPress sites for generation of leads.
  • Developed pages using Laravel and PHP that connect to MySQL databases, capturing and submitting front end form data to a Salesforce API endpoint.
  • Utilized tracking platforms such as Google Optimize, analytics, and search engine tools to track page speed, attribution of users and user experience (UX).
  • Migrated paid and organic websites from static HTML/CSS to WordPress CMS.
  • Utilized File Transfer Protocol (FTP) tools to upload files to a load-balanced server that rendered webpages from a CDN (Content Distribution Network).
  • Created and set up front end design and back end functionality for events, promotions, and franchise locations to increase lead conversion.
  • Completed multiple successful website rebranding deployments.
  • Nominated for Employee of the Month for redesigning and rebranding website.
  • Created landing pages for Ads, Events, and promotional lead generation.
  • Updated 3 - 4 site domains at a time to have consistency throughout our brand.
  • Added code and tracked A/B testing on new pages to increase lead generation.
  • Managed various agencies for digital asset requirements

IT Intern

A Better Computer, Inc.

June 2016 - July 2018

  • Applied web fundamentals from the initial consultation with customers to delivering fully functioning websites.
  • Registered Domains and Web Hosting administration using cPanel
  • Created e-mail forwarders for business websites
  • Installed setup and configured content management software (Wordpress CMS)

Programmer Analyst I

HealthAxis Group

June 2016 - June 2017

  • Designed, developed, documented, analyzed, created, tested and modified PHP, Javascript, and HTML code and integrations.
  • Analyzed user information based on programmatic needs of the customer.
  • Implemented code using PHP and a relational database management system.
  • Using a dynamic IVR telephony system, maintained, debugged and re-structured an application coded using a Zend framework.
  • Assisted in bug fixes and feature updates to internal CRM coded in Zend.


Hillsborough Community College

Computer Engineering


Full Stack Development

Adam F Lopez — [email protected] — 813-500-8808

More information can be found on My Portfolio.